Online card index of the Central Depot for Seized Collections in Vienna

This project is a collaboration between the Commission for Provenance Research and the Archive of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.


The website offers the possibility for the first time of parallel research on the looting of art by the Nazis in two connected sources located in different institutions in Vienna: the Archive of the Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM) and that of the Federal Monuments Authority Austria (BDA) managed by the Commission for Provenance Research. The two Central Depot card indexes provide a record of objects from private art collections in Vienna seized from Jews after March 1938 by the Nazi regime and subsequently dispersed in museums, including the planned Führer Museum in Linz.

The online Central Depot card index will make it easier to access these sources and to conduct detailed research, for example on the history of the institution or the whereabouts of the objects, some of which were restituted after 1945 and some of which are missing. In addition, the project will draw critical attention to Austria’s own Nazi past.